Privacy Policy
  1. The Administrator of ( is Akond Lab Kałuszyński-Matras Spółka Jawna Róży Wiatrów street 3 zip code: 53-023 Wroclaw, Poland NIP 8992514188 REGON933012297 KRS0000212742 e-mail:
  2. All data gathered by ( are stored on Amazon EC2 servers which are located in USA
  3. None of users information are passed to ‘third person’. Exception: law issues; but accordance with the law always.
  4. Tokonda is gathering general internet information such as IP address and other systems data from users – it can be downloading automatically. This kind of data are using by administrator for technical purpose - to provide communicator’s services.
  5. Some of personal data is providing by users manually f.e. name, family name, date of birth or e-mail address etc. (not obligatory).
  6. Some of information are recording if user accepted it only! (f.e. chat history).
  7. Cookies technology is using by Akond Lab – system remembers insert data. Next time when you visit Tokonda Web Site you don’t need to put it again, your system will recognize them.
  8. Akond Lab can use the data for correspondence with users (by e-mail or communicator).
  9. IP address can be use for statistics also.
  10. Users can update and remove their data any time.
  11. Using ( is not mandatory.
  12. By registration on (, you are accepting this Privacy Notice.

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